Hire the Hospiz Alm

Rent the Hospiz Alm as an exclusive location. Whether Alpine Wedding or birthday party. Including all rooms, sun terrace, visit to the world-famous wine cellar.

History and high class on the Arlberg

On 18 December 1988, the Werner family hosted their first guests in their Hospiz Alm. Bon vivre in the mountains and a special atmosphere. Karl-Heinz Pale has been there since day one and remains host and head sommelier to today.  

The remoteness of the location, the Bordeaux and the excellent Austrian cuisine create an aura of encounters both planned and chance.

637 years of the Arlberg icon

From a modest pilgrim lodge to luxury. By coincidence or divine providence and the attentive support of the St. Christoph Brotherhood, the Arlberg Hospiz has been transformed into a luxury hotel, with residences, and the Hospiz Alm. Guests arriving here can enjoy their stay undisturbed and among the like-minded.

Prime location, right on the piste

In opening the Hospiz Alm, the Werner family managed to build a bridge between quaint ski lodge and a fine wine & dine concept. A little revolution or, better put, an evolution at a place in the mountains that draws sports fans and gourmets from all generations. Driven forward since 2022 with the passion of Viennese entrepreneur Erwin Soravia, who behind the scenes nurtures the Alm like a second home.

“I’ve been a regular guest at the Hospiz on the Arlberg for 33 years now, and it always felt like my home away from home. This region and, in particular, the hotel and the Alm are very special to me. A place that, visited once, you always carry with you in your heart.”

(Erwin Soravia, Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, March 2023)

The Hospiz Brotherhood

Heinrich Findelkind founded the St. Christoph Brotherhood in 1386 with the permission of Duke Leopold III. Their statutes have barely changed since then. The Brotherhood supports those in need without bureaucratic hurdles and hindrances. Adi Werner played a decisive role in the revival of the community. Brotherhood meetings take place regularly in the wine cellar to welcome new members.

The cradle of Alpine skiing

The Arlberg is considered the cradle of Alpine skiing. And the most beautiful of winter tales are still written here today: ever since the ’Golden Twenties‘, times have been golden for both guests and hosts alike. Locals and the who’s who of the world continue to come here to indulge in the joy that only two skis on the finest powder snow can bring.

A place with its own character. Alpine, extravagant – pure hospitality

The Alm as an icon

Erwin Soravia, CEO of the Soravia Real Estate Group, has been co-owner of the Arlberger Hospiz and the Hospiz Alm since 2022. Together with his team, his family and the Werner family, he pursues the vision of leading the Alm, the hotel and the residences into a new era and to wake the sleeping beauty that is St. Christoph from its slumber.

Wine Dome Sitzbank

The Wine Dome

In 2022, the Soravia Real Estate Group renovated the Hospiz Alm and supplemented its wine cellar, under the guidance of Viennese architect Gregor Eichinger, with the Wine Dome, which can be reserved for exclusive wine tastings, dinners and undisturbed gourmet get-togethers of every kind.

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