Hire the Hospiz Alm

Rent the Hospiz Alm as an exclusive location. Whether Alpine Wedding or birthday party. Including all rooms, sun terrace, visit to the world-famous wine cellar.

Red wine and Tyrol in Adi Werner’s World of Wine

For wine lovers, the Hospiz Alm on the Arlberg has achieved true cult status. It is home to the world’s largest collection of big bottle Bordeaux, curated by Adi Werner. With around 7,000 bottles in the large formats of magnum to primat, the wine collection is globally unique.

Safely tucked away behind sturdy iron gates, these treasures bring together heads of state, royalty and wine lovers who come from far and wide – chatting away at 1000m above sea level on first name basis.

Xanadu for wine aficionados

Duchesses, royals, politicians, actors, supermodels and industrial bigwigs smile down from the walls on the way into Adi Werner’s big bottle heaven. The collection comprises large-format bottles of between 1.5 and 27 litres from the world’s most prestigious châteaux. Some have been specially filled for Adi Werner. Nobody in Tyrol understands wine like he does. His name is a mark for quality, passion and the pioneering spirit. Guests can admire the wine selection during an exclusive tour or tasting.

Red wines in magnum bottles with the sonorous names of Impériale, Melchior, Balthasar, Salmanazar and Nebuchadnezzar understand the secrets of preserving their outstanding ripeness for a long time.

The Wine Dome: the apex of big bottles

The Wine Dome has complemented the famous rooms of the Hospiz wine cellar since December 2022. The rare large-format bottles line its curved inner walls, forming a glittering universe of gourmet pleasure. An exclusive private dining table stands in the middle of the room. The St. Christoph Brotherhood also meets regularly in the Wine Dome. The dome can be reserved for up to 20 guests.

The lamb, please ...

Grüner Veltliner à la Hospiz Alm

Our popular Grüner Veltliner by Gerald Fida – wrapped in lambskin – is available from us in the Alm. The top wine "Ried Lamm" is bottled exclusively for us in Schloss Gobelsburg in bottles of 1.5 to 27 litres. For those who prefers their wine in smaller quantities, 0.75- and 1.5-litre bottles are also available for purchase – but without the lambskin.

Recently also available as "black and pink lamb".

Guests can visit Adi Werner’s World of Wine for private tastings or as part of a guided tour at the side of our experienced sommeliers.

Wine Dome Sitzbank

The Wine Dome

Since December 2022, Adi Werner’s famous wine cellar has been complemented by the Wine Dome. Inside it, rare large-format bottles line the oval walls from floor to ceiling, surrounding a private dining table which stands in the middle of the room.

Stilvoll gedeckter Tisch

Adi Werner’s Lounge

With its stylish timbered ambience, Adi Werner’s Lounge offers space for 8 to 10 guests to enjoy a cosy, undisturbed evening of good food, wine and company.

Figeac Stube Tisch

Figeac Lounge

Natural Alpine stonework and fine woodwork render the Figeac Lounge its special warmth and dignity. 8 to 10 guests will have their every dining wish fulfilled here. Reservations taken for an unforgettable evening with family and friends.

Adi Werners Weinwelt

Wine Tasting Cellar

Wine connoisseurs from all over the world hold it in great esteem: the tasting cellar. Bejewelled with delights from the finest vineyards. Reservations taken for a wine tasting – also in combination with a private lounge.